Cloth Samples

Documenting cloth is essential for both clients and designers, as well as the producers. 
Fabric catalogs with several hundreds of samples were developed under the project as part of the ITC market linkages with prospective buyers.
The catalogs also help weaving workshops to fulfill the orders from potential buyers in an adequate matter. To achieve this, a copy of the catalogs will be retained by each workshop. ICV's work included:
  • Obtaining contacts to order the raw materials for the catalogs;
  • Producing the catalogs, a process which involved sorting, cutting, sewing, numbering, ironing, making eyelets and binding the catalogs together;
  • Photographing samples with repeating patterns for the ITC cloth database.
These catalogs contain over 500 different cloth samples, including Kente, Bogolan, Indigo, Fugu, Adinkra, to name just a few.
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