Collaboration with Radford University College

Radford University College, based in Accra, Ghana, is currently offering a range of degrees and certificate programs. It provides designers, managers, industrialist and planners with an university education, to allow them to spearhead the economic development initiatives currently envisaged in Ghana in the long term. Its fashion department is collaborating with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, led by ITC.

The Courses

This course introduces students to the business and the dynamics of fashion. It is designed to give students a general overview of the industry’s activities from product research to the final consumer. Fashion theories and cycles will be studied in relation to the textile and apparel industries. Fashion Designers, International and National Fashion Markets, Raw Materials, Fashion Production, Distribution and Selling, Producers, Industry Practice, New Technologies, Industry Trends.

ICV has been working with Radford University Fashion department, documenting its work and putting in place an e-learning exchange and collaboration platform, involving universities from Switzerland (University of Geneva) and Italy (IED Milan). 

Videos of various artisanal textile processes created by ICV will be used for the fashion design course.

This includes the following modules:

  • What is Fashion to you?
  • Fashion from other universities
  • The discovery of Fashion
  • Online platform 
  • Historical Overview 
  • Fashion Industry Overview
  • Consumer Fashion Production, Distribution and Selling, Retail
  • Fashion Theories and Cycles
  • Textile and apparel industries Raw Materials
  • Fashion Designers, International and National
  • Practice, New Technologies
  • Individual Presentations

More Information

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