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The project


Ethical Fashion aims to promote the development of the ethical fashion industry. The project supports the development of marginalized communities and mainly works with micro-producers operating in poor rural or urban areas. The project allows these disadvantaged African communities and informal producers to be integrated into the production line, to develop their export capacity and strengthen their position in the domestic and regional production lines to ensure they also can benefit from the potential of commerce with the perspective poverty reduction.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion is the name for a new economic paradigm to be implemented within the textile industry, resting on three pillars: the respect of the main fair trade principles, especially those concerning workers' rights and labor conditions, the development and appropriation of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), and the creation of a new value chain that would shift the weight of the increased cost resulting from these changes on the retailers and the end consumers in Europe, North America and Japan. Indeed, this fashion is primarily aimed at consumers from industrialized countries. Its motto is "Not charity, Just work".
The Ethical Fashion Initiative, a program aiming at promoting and developing this kind of fashion in these countries has been launched in 2008. Since then, it has already succeeded in establishing private-public partnerships between worldwide renowned designers and consortiums representing governmental and economic stakeholders in Kenya and Uganda. Technical and professional trainings have been implemented so that participants can gain the skills as well as the flexibility and reactivity required to join the train of global trade and improve their living standards. It is now moving on to a second phase with its introduction in Ghana and the setting up of the first partnerships with Swiss wholesalers, whose aim is to bring ethical fashion clothes to a wider public.


The Ethical Fashion Ghana project is implemented by the International Trade Center (ITC), in collaboration with various partners, including ICV, ECOS and the University of Geneva, with the support of SECO

ICV's Role

ICV's role is to contribute to the Ethical Fashion Initiative through different communication-related activities, focusing on the development of specific communication tools, documentation and training. 

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